#InheritYourFuture Forum 2018

/#InheritYourFuture Forum 2018
#InheritYourFuture Forum 20182019-03-04T14:55:53+00:00

Adapting how we live, move and consume: European practices for sustainable lifestyles and health equity

 Ovalhalle, MuseumsQuartier (MQ), 1 Museumsplatz, Vienna, Austria
9:00 – 17:15, 21 November 2018

19:00 – cocktail reception hosted by the Austrian EU Presidency

Do you want to live in a more sustainable, healthier and equitable Europe?

Forum objectives

Held on 21 November 2018, the #InheritYourFuture Forum aimed to connect and showcase inspiring initiatives from across the EU in three key areas for health promotion and equity: living (indoor/outdoor quality environments), moving (healthy lifestyles) and consuming (healthy diets).

Underlying the discussion was the need to consider the issue of scalability – or how to “scale-up” and mainstream practices from the local level to regional and national levels. As such, the Forum:

  1. showcased INHERIT outcomes to date;
  2. encouraged exchange amongst promising practices to further explore how they can contribute to health, equity and environment; and
  3. fostered debate on how such initiatives can be implemented on a broader scale across Europe.

All initiatives presented during the Forum were chosen for their ability to bring about the INHERIT “Triple-Win” of simultaneously improving environmental sustainability, health and health equity, and were presented alongside the 4 positive future scenarios for a healthier, more sustainable Europe by 2040.

Programme overview

Throughout the course of the day, 17 practice presenters, 6 keynote speakers and 8 research leads intervened during an interactive programme to demonstrate how targeted initiatives, quality environments and cross-sector collaboration can encourage and enable people across the social gradient to adopt more sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

The Forum was followed by a reception jointly organised with the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and was a pre-event to the Austrian presidency conference: “People’s Food – People’s Health: Towards Healthy and Sustainable European Food Systems” held on the following two days, during which the outcomes of the INHERIT Forum were presented at the morning plenary. In the afternoon, the INHERIT Triple-Win Case Study – PROVE Portugal – was one of the ten best practice examples chosen for the conference workshops.   

Attendance and media coverage

The Forum gathered over 110 practitioners, researchers, policy makers and citizens. It was attended and covered by local and national media, including the largest national media provider – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation – whose video interviews with keynotes and INHERIT partners reached 124,000 viewers. Press releases covering the event were picked up by various media outlets including The Austria Press Agency, which reached over 174,000 persons, and the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse, whose article had over 740,000 views—the most-read forum-related article.

The activity of the attending participants during the event on social media resulted in a total of 21,300 Twitter impressions from 46 different influencers.

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