UCL visits Malvik Path and meets Malvik Municipality

Malvik Path, Norway (Photo: Matluba Khan) Written by Matluba Khan and Kirsti Sarheim Anthun Malvik path is a Triple-win study in Norway, situated just outside the city of Trondheim. It is a 3 kilometre [...]

Let’s double our chances for a more sustainable future

Writers: Daniela Craveiro, Sibila Marques, Luísa Lima – ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) In our daily lives, there is a high number of situations where we act without thinking. We rely on past [...]

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Build social equity, improve health and environmental sustainability

Author: Dr. Ruth Bell, Senior Advisor, UCL Institute of Health Equity. We must move faster towards more socially-inclusive and more healthy ways of living, moving and consuming that are more sustainable for the planet. [...]

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Turning healthy choices into easy choices

Source: Flemish Institute for Healthy Living Turning healthy choices into easy choices Author: Marjolijn Vos, Healthcare staff member at Gezond Leven Co-authors: Bruno Buytaert, Senior staff member health equity
 & Saidja Steenhuyzen, Senior staff [...]

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Sustainable consumption in Europe and the Netherlands

In the age of sustainability, is Europe making the necessary efforts towards a sustainable food market? Authors: Nina van der Vliet, Brigit Staatsen, Hanneke Kruize, Liesbeth Temme, Mirjam van de Kamp  —  National Institute [...]

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Europe leads sustainable development agenda

Sustainability should be integrated as a leitmotif and goal of every policy formulated and implemented In the aftermath of World War II, international powers formed the League of Nations that became the United Nations, controlled [...]

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