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//Related Projects

POWERSTEP: Redesigning the traditional system of wastewater treatment

This revolutionary H2020 project is redesigning the traditional system of wastewater treatment. The project is based on the foundation that potential energy stored in the organic matter of wastewater can and should be used to produce [...]

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FLOW: Walking and Cycling

FLOW’s mission is for walking and cycling within cities to become a user-friendly method of transport capable of competing with motorised transportation. The project is assessing the effectiveness of different measures taken to reduce road [...]

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Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking is meant to produce a strong industrial sector of bio-based production. Accomplishing the goal would “reduce Europe’s dependency on fossil-based products, help the EU meet climate change targets, and lead [...]

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Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking

The Clean Sky joint undertaking is a collaborative effort of six hundred entities, and is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project works to develop technologies that reduce CO2 gas emissions and noise [...]

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EGVI: European Green Vehicle Initiative

The European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI) designs green vehicles and mobility solutions. The project’s is to make green technologies efficient in road transport systems. The initiative is a public-private partnership co-funded by the Commission’s Horizon [...]

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ELENA: European Local Energy Assistance

The European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) facility was reinforced as an organization May 2, 2017 by a new delegation agreement between the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. ELENA is a European hub in [...]