Policy Roadmap

Click on this cover to access the full PDF       Our economies and lifestyles are largely based on ‘take-make-consume-dispose’ models that deplete our resources, degrade biodiversity, generate pollution, and [...]

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Reaching the Triple-Win

Achieving positive change and identifying necessary actions sometimes requires a ‘fast forwarding into future thinking’. Our four future scenarios, ‘My life between realities’, ‘Less is more to me’, ‘One for all, all for [...]

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Impactful Trends

To produce effective policy interventions that promote healthier, more equitable and environmentally sustainable European societies it is important to understand the underlying trends that affect society. These trends cover technological, social, economic, environmental, political, legal [...]

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Baseline Review

Click on this cover to access the digital version In this report, the INHERIT team explores the opportunities for change across Europe which can facilitate progress towards triple-win scenarios. The report investigates the links [...]