Site visit by Gezond Level and EuroHealthNet to ‘STOEMP’

Site visit by Gezond Level and EuroHealthNet to ‘STOEMP ’initiative that is part of the food policy being implemented by the Belgian city of Ghent. It aims to transform the food system at local urban [...]

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Interventions to accelerate change towards a healthier diet

Susan Jebb, University of Oxford, discusses how improved monitoring and evaluation could improve societal interventions towards dietary change in Interventions to accelerate change towards a healthier diet. ‘Poor diets are a significant contributor to non-communicable [...]

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Is avoiding meat and dairy the best way to reduce your impact on Earth?

Damian Carrington, Environmental Editor at The Guardian, discusses how the impact of reducing meat and dairy products in our diet is the single biggest way in which to reduce your environmental impact on the planet [...]

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A Nordic guide to sustainable food policy

In The Solutions Menu released by Nordic Food Policy Lab discusses the most innovative food policy solutions looking at food culture and identity, public food and meals, food waste and sustainable diets. The report contains [...]

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Breaking the Vicious Circle: Food, Climate & Nutrition

Bob Bailey (Research Director, ‘Energy, Environment and Resources’, Chatham House) and Bernice Lee (Executive Director, Hoffman Centre) look at the challenges faced by a food system under pressure from plateauing yields, increasing demand and progressively [...]

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Building a Heathier Europe

Discover the 20 policy interventions presented in the new INHERIT project route map report. The ambitious project INHERIT just published the Route Map report, consisting of 20 policy interventions. This report is meant as a [...]

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