Interventions to accelerate change towards a healthier diet

July 10, 2018|News|

Susan Jebb, University of Oxford, discusses how improved monitoring and evaluation could improve [...]

Is avoiding meat and dairy the best way to reduce your impact on Earth?

July 10, 2018|News|

Damian Carrington, Environmental Editor at The Guardian, discusses how the impact of reducing [...]

A Nordic guide to sustainable food policy

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In The Solutions Menu released by Nordic Food Policy Lab discusses the most [...]

Breaking the Vicious Circle: Food, Climate & Nutrition

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Bob Bailey (Research Director, ‘Energy, Environment and Resources’, Chatham House) and Bernice Lee [...]

Building a Heathier Europe

March 13, 2018|News|

Discover the 20 policy interventions presented in the new INHERIT project route map [...]

How We Live, Move and Consumer Matters

March 13, 2018|News|

Join our 2018 conference about scaling-up promising practices to improve our living, moving [...]

Join the 10th International Forum for Health Promotion Research

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On 24-26 September 2018, Trondheim, Norway, will be the place to be for [...]

What makes a family save energy?

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Why does someone decide to start saving energy? What motivates people to turn [...]

Understanding SEEDs

December 21, 2017|News|

Social, Economic and Environmental factors determine the health of a population. [...]

Ministers meet to make our planet healthy

December 12, 2017|News|

Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash The G7 Health Ministers [...]