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Baseline Review, Analysis and Common Analytical Framework [WP1, yrs 1-2]

The INHERIT Baseline Review sets the scene and focus of the project by addressing the challenges we are facing in relation to environmental degradation, health and health inequalities. The Common Analytical Framework (CAF) is an [...]

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Identifying promising practices and developing a database [WP2, year 1-2]

INHERIT partners reached out to communities and organisations across Europe to identify promising practices that improve the environment and health equity through actions in the areas of living, moving and consuming. The practices were [...]

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Looking ahead: Envisioning and planning future scenarios [WP3, year 2]

The INHERIT project has identified key trends likely to impact our future which are featured in the report, Impactful Trends. This then led to the visualisation of 4 Future Scenarios of what European societies could look like in 2040 where [...]

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Implementing and Assessing the Impact of 15 Promising Pilot Projects [WP4-5, yrs 2-4]

These inter-related work strands investigate in further detail the policies, practices and innovations that can contribute to achieving INHERIT’s visions of a more sustainable future. From the database of promising practices, INHERIT partners selected 16 promising practices in [...]

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Translating and disseminating, coordinating and managing knowledge [WP7-8, yrs 1-4]

Throughout the course of INHERIT partners will, under the leadership of REVOLVE, communicate and disseminate findings amongst key stakeholders and receive their input. As INHERIT’s overall project coordinator, EuroHealthNet is consistently engaged in ensuring that [...]

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