Developing a Policy and Investment Kit [WP6, yrs 3-4]

//Developing a Policy and Investment Kit [WP6, yrs 3-4]

Developing a Policy and Investment Kit [WP6, yrs 3-4]


Starting in the final two years of the project, INHERIT partners will bring together the evidence, examples, recommendations and learning in a policy tool kit that will be designed to help policy makers and inform them on actions that can lead to more environmentally sustainable and healthier futures. It will provide information on effective approaches for inter-sectoral development, also in relation to business development and investment.

As part of this process, INHERIT will consult policy-makers on what they experience as facilitators and barriers to advance ‘triple-win-solutions’. The findings will be integrated into recommendations that will be fed into appropriate policy processes at the European, national and regional level.

INHERIT will also develop an online leadership module to build capacity amongst health promotion professionals and health decision-makers, to enable them to take stronger and more effective action to contribute to sustainable development.


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