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Guidance for policymakers on how a focus on integrated governance, behaviour change, and health equity, can foster “triple-wins”

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Policymakers at European, national, regional and local levels can play a crucial role in helping to bring about healthier, more equitable and environmentally sustainable societies – a “triple-win”. In a series of policy briefs, the INHERIT project provides guidance on three critical areas at the heart of sustainable change: integrated governance, behaviour change, and health equity.
Integrated governance can help ensure that interconnected environmental, health, and equity issues are addressed cohesively. Enabling and encouraging people to change behaviours is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of transitioning towards greater sustainability. Making sure that policy actions do not contribute to widening inequalities is not only just, it is also good for society as a whole.
Each brief draws on learnings from the INHERIT project, including top-line recommendations as well as concrete guidance on how to put these recommendations into practice. The briefs also include on-the-ground examples from around Europe, highlighting lessons learnt and possibilities for scaling-up.
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