Looking ahead: Envisioning and planning future scenarios [WP3, year 2]

//Looking ahead: Envisioning and planning future scenarios [WP3, year 2]

Looking ahead: Envisioning and planning future scenarios [WP3, year 2]

boy-2208512_640The INHERIT project has identified key trends likely to impact our future which are featured in the report, Impactful Trends. This then led to the visualisation of 4 Future Scenarios of what European societies could look like in 2040 where we ‘live within the limits of our blue planet’ with health continuing to improve and good health more equally distributed across the population.

These four scenarios aim to spark citizen discussion and policy dialogue on the necessary interventions needed to reach the future we want. This is detailed in the report, Reaching the Triple Win.

In order to achieve these visions, the Policy Roadmap was also developed to identify the long-, medium-, and short-term measures needed to make a healthier, more equitable and sustainable future a reality.

The scenarios and the Policy Roadmap will be presented in consultations with citizens taking place in five different countries. These findings are published in the Citizen Insights for a Healthier, More Equitable and Sustainable Europe in 2040. The scenarios and Policy Roadmap will also be presented to policy-makers in three countries to get additional feedback and input. In addition, a quantitative survey conducted in 5 EU Member States, as outlined in the Barriers and Potential for Adopting Healthier, More Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Solutions Identified in a Five-Country Survey, provides feedback on attitudes towards change.


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