Cycling-Friendly Policies Provide Return on Investment

Cycling-friendly policies are shown to have a positive financial return on investment, according to a New Zealand case study. Cycling-friendly policies include constructing segregated cycling lanes and combining them [...]

December 13, 2016|

Council Tackles Air Pollution

On December 8th, Council adopted a new directive designed to combat the health risks and environmental impacts of air pollution. Five pollutants are included and for each year, from [...]

December 13, 2016|

Name Change for PSG

The Permanent Study Group on Food Security was re-named the “PSG on Sustainable Food Systems”. The organization seeks to address sustainable food production and ensure the security of food supply. It contributes in these areas [...]

December 13, 2016|

Sustainability and Your Diet

This study sought to answer the question of whether food production efficiency can meet global needs and is sustainable. Researchers have concluded that the gains in the production efficiency of agriculture [...]

December 13, 2016|

Breathing Life Back Into Our Cities

BreatheLife is a campaign from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CACC) focused on mobilizing populations to reduce air pollution in the name of public health. The campaign's website features [...]

November 10, 2016|Tags: , , , |

Science for Environment Policy

Science for Environment Policy is a study published by the European Commission, arguing that greener cities and more exercise could reduce urban mortality rates. With 70% of people  globally projected to [...]

November 10, 2016|