UNEP report: Our Planet

Our Planet, a report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) provides a series of recommendations on what to do to make our cities more sustainable. There are several proposals explored within the program, such as [...]

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The Health Benefits of Nature for City Inhabitants

The article, entitled Nature: Medicine for Cities and People, details the rise of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, as well as mental health challenges like depression in city populations. The report [...]

European Public Health Conference

European Public Health Conference, hosted by EUPHA, is a platform designed to bring better public health care to all. Researchers and policy makers will have the opportunity to engage in debates and exchange information. Healthcare [...]

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New Air Quality Report Available From WHO

The WHO has confirmed that 92% of the world’s population currently lives with sub-standard air quality. The study is the most comprehensive air quality report ever released by the WHO, and includes a global interactive [...]

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ITF – New Mobility Solutions for Livable Cities

The International Transport Forum presented ideas about solving mobility issues in cities in Detroit last month. Their message focused on the inefficiency of the personal car, and possible alternatives that could make city life better [...]

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Sustainable Societies: Health and Social Investment in the EU

  Sustainable societies do better. Investing in the wellbeing of people and communities, building resilience and preventing problems pays off. This was the baseline of a conference entitled ‘Sustainable Societies: Health and Social Investment in [...]

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