(Update: Winners Announced) Finalist for city sustainability awards

Congratulations to the winners: Malmo for winning the 2016 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK award for their work promoting active transport and Brussels for winning the 5th SUMP for their work with urban freight! The top [...]

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Towards a Sustainable Future

Sustainability should be integrated as a leitmotif and goal of every policy formulated and implemented. The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is a step towards this necessary focus, which will work towards finding [...]

March 2, 2017|Tags: , , , |

Looking to invest? Consider sustainable transport.

The Evidence project supports the implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) because of their positive health and environmental effects. Their research aimed to support investment into SUMPs by compiling Evidence [...]

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I.Family research challenges norms and governments

I.Family project was created to explore how European youth develop dietary habits. The project considered everything from existing diets and physical activity to environmental effects and consumer habits to understand how these factors came together to [...]

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Rolling-out Integrated Smart Cities and Communities’ Solutions

Highlighting 200 examples of smart cities and communities’ solutions in Europe, the EC Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) commissioned a study to contribute to the knowledge base of the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP). The [...]

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The Economic Value of Green Infrastructure

Researchers have found a way to place value on green infrastructure. Green infrastructure is difficult to define, but a network of open space, parks, and trees that enhance [...]

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