Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

//Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

Health and climate change are more connected than we think. We might not reflect on it and we cannot always see how but they are hugely related. The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change pieces together the world’s response to climate change and what those responses mean to the wellbeing of the world’s population.

The main collaboration is between Wellcome, a global charitable foundation, and The Lancet, a worldwide media covering health and medical news. They believe a transition to a healthy world also means greater health equity, meaning more equitable health for everyone. It’s happening, but there is more to do.

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According to their latest report, combating climate change will be beneficial for the planet and for human health as well. The indicators of their latest research cover:

  • Climate Change Impacts, Exposures and Vulnerability
  • Adaptation Planning and Resilience for Health
  • Mitigation Actions and Health Co-Benefits
  • Finance and Economics and Public and Political Engagement

The study concludes that human symptoms caused by climate change are permanent and the delayed response in the past 25 years is threatening human life even more. The good news is that over last five years there has been an increased response. In other words, at the time being, the road is clear and the opportunities are set.

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