Do Good Save Food: Fighting Food Waste

//Do Good Save Food: Fighting Food Waste

Do Good Save Food: Fighting Food Waste

Do Good Save Food is a 2017 programme conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  The project specifically targets children, working to communicate the key elements needed to reduce food waste.  

The FAO is an organization accountable to the United Nations with three main goals: Eradicating all forms of hunger, driving economic and social progress to eliminate poverty, and sustainably managing/utilising natural resources like land, water, air, climate, and genetic resources.  These goals are intended to benefit present and future generations.

The final product is a flyer titled Do Good Save Food! Together we can fight food waste: 9 easy tips, detailing quick references for reducing personal food waste.

These quick easy tips are to:

  1. Ask for smaller portions
  2. Love your leftovers
  3. Shop smart
  4. Buy “ugly” fruits and vegetables
  5. Check your fridge
  6. Practice “first in, first out”
  7. Understand dates on your food
  8. Turn waste into compost
  9. Sharing is caring: give to help

The flyer compiles these tips in a simple visual on the front, with details of each tip on the back. The complete flyer is available on the FAO website.

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