Idea #18 | Ancient Techniques May Be Employed To Solve Modern Problems

May 4, 2018|stories|

The principles of sustainable development are simple: we should work with our environment [...]

Idea #17 | It’s Time to Spring Clean Sustainably

April 9, 2018|stories|

No longer is it enough to say you have a clean [...]

Idea #16 | Building a Sustainable Swimming Pool

March 14, 2018|stories|

While pools may be the classic symbol of summertime, they can [...]

Idea #15 | Where Will Electric Cars Take Us?

January 17, 2018|stories|

Electric cars have moved from a passing fancy into mainstream driving. [...]

Idea #14 | How to Reduce Your Water Consumption at Home

November 21, 2017|stories|

According to the World Bank, it is projected that by 2025, “two thirds [...]

Idea #13 | How to Fight Indoor Air Pollution

October 19, 2017|stories|

Indoor air pollution is gas and particles contaminating the air in and around [...]

Idea #12 | Change the way you wash your car

August 15, 2017|stories|

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of washing your car? That [...]

Idea #11 | Healthstars

August 14, 2017|stories|

“One who does not invest in being healthy every day will need to sacrifice a huge amount of time on illness one day.” – Sebastian Kneipp […]

Idea #10 | The exemplary Edge smart office building

April 25, 2017|stories|

  The Edge in Amsterdam is a leading example of a smart [...]

Idea #9 | Build your own energy transition

April 21, 2017|stories|

I’d known for a while that I wanted a near zero-energy house, and [...]