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Eurofound Report on European Housing Conditions

October 5, 2016|News|

Although housing conditions have improved in Europe over past decades, certain shortcomings have [...]

Idea #5 | Rooftop Farming Counters Air Pollution

September 19, 2016|stories|

In Delhi, we can fight air pollution by introducing rooftop plantations all [...]

The Health and Social Benefits of Nature and Biodiversity Protection

September 9, 2016|News|

The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) released a study in April 2016 [...]

Urban Gardens Provide Ecosystem Services to Barcelona

September 8, 2016|News|

Populations are increasing in cities all across the world as individuals seek opportunities [...]

RIVM’s initiative to address global challenges

August 19, 2016|News|

Living in a world in transition – an open world without boundaries – [...]

Heat-Shield: on ensuring the workforce health

August 19, 2016|Related Projects|

HEAT-SHIELD is studying the effects of workers’ exposure to increased workplace temperature in [...]

BlueHealth: on how to promote health and wellbeing

August 19, 2016|Related Projects|

The BlueHealth project is investigating how water-based environments in towns and cities can [...]

Swiss study: Noise pollution reduces human exercise

August 4, 2016|News|

Noise is impacting health and wellbeing by making people less likely to exercise [...]

International study: Linking urban environments and physical activity

August 4, 2016|News|

The International Physical Activity and Environment Network (IPEN) developed an international study in [...]

UK Study: How aircraft noise affects wellbeing

August 4, 2016|News|

The high demand for air travel is impacting the air traffic in Europe [...]