//Idea #1: Facilitating Public Transport

Idea #1: Facilitating Public Transport

share-story-bus-1-copieLiving outside of a large city, a lot of locals drive downtown. Traffic is frequent, and parking is abysmal. When I travel downtown, I take public transportation – most often, the regional bus. The bus is convenient, but it could be more so, as the majority of people still use their cars to move in and around the city. I believe that if the buses increased their frequency, more people would begin to see the benefits of taking public transportation. There are times of the day when the bus only runs once per hour, which can be very inconvenient. You have to plan your schedule around the bus instead of your life. With increased frequency for both buses and trains that head in and out of the city, I think more people would be willing to switch over – and Brussels may just become a less polluted and congested capital.

Julia Hyde, 37, English teacher, Brussels, Belgium

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