Idea #11 | Healthstars

//Idea #11 | Healthstars

Idea #11 | Healthstars

“One who does not invest in being healthy every day will need to sacrifice a huge amount of time on illness one day.” – Sebastian Kneipp

Our Vision

To build a community in which everyone can find with just 1 click an event, an occasion, giving him the chance to improve the world. We think there are many fun ways to make the world a better place. This fun should be organized via events in our community. Our community should provide events for healthy living, like cooking, farming, consuming regional products, doing sports and more. Furthermore, the community will organize events for a healthy environment, such as cleaning our environment, taking care about others in the society and going to international assignments. A strong cooperation with partners, as German Red Cross, Nabu, WWF, will bundle forces of non-profit companies and volunteer healthstar member to reach out for a healthier and better world to live in.


Our Story

One of the most important things in life is healthiness. You cannot buy it, but only strive for it. I wanted to do something for my healthiness every day and therefore decided to strive for it.

People say that sports influence health positively, so I started to look for a sports community that shows all the sport activities in my city and which gives me the possibility to create my own activities, to motivate both strangers and friends to increase their amount of time spent on sports. There was no such thing so I imagined a SportStar, giving me all these possibilities and making sports limitless.

I felt that my nutrition was a decisive factor for both being successful and for increasing my general well-being. I was looking for a food-community, in which you can create cooking-parties and grow food in shared gardens. Moreover, it want to share this food and do not waste anything of this valuable good. There was no such thing so imagined a FoodStar that showed the appreciation of both my nutrition and our food.


The truth is that caring only about individual health is not enough, since the influence of our society is a determining factor. If I really wanted to live a healthy life, I also want the community to be healthy as well. I was looking for a community in which you could promote social responsibility and human sympathy in all their facets. Helping people and finding an easy way to give back to community. There was no such thing so I imagined a SocialStar in which all of this was made possible because I knew that we can only shape our future mutually. And maybe, one day I would be reliant on this help.

All members of our society breathe the same air and drink the same water. We all share the same nature – this consequently means that we can only live healthy life, if protection if not only a mere thing to do but an inherent part of our personality. So I was looking for an environmental community in which I could plant trees, keep our forests clean and maintain nature and wildlife. There was no such thing so I imagined an EcoStar in which the protection and the empowerment of a healthy environment could be realized easily.

But nature has no fixed start or end – it is simply everywhere. In some situations, for instance when people are endangered by natural disasters or other life-threatening events, one must act immediately. As part of the whole, I was looking for a community, which is organizing quick and needed help. There was no such thing, so I imagined an ActionStar in which I could find those people who needed instant help. This was important to me since I could also find myself in a situation in which I would need immediate help from other people.


I imagined that all these stars are united and the pursuit of healthiness is only one click away of realization. I understood that the world exists in relations and therefore my contribution will improve the world.

Can you image millions of people would strive for healthiness? Can you image the impact?

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