Celebrating 10 years CSCP: Let’s think and do!

//Celebrating 10 years CSCP: Let’s think and do!

Celebrating 10 years CSCP: Let’s think and do!


The 10th anniversary event of the CSCP attracted more than 500 people joining onsite and attending via webcast. Themed “The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles, Industry 4.0, and the Circular Economy,” international participants from diverse backgrounds came to Wuppertal to engage in debates, join work studios, network, and get inspired with new topics and approaches.

The ‘unconference’ (as it emphasised the interactive character) lasted a whole day and was full of activities and interesting speakers such as Maryse Gautier from the French Ministry of Sustainable Development, Alain Caparros, CEO of German retailer REWE Group, and Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-President of the Club of Rome to name just a few.

Participants had the chance to engage in more detailed discussions in one of seven exciting work studios on topics like the consumer perspectives in the circular economy, Industry 4.0, or the future of cities. The participants were then able to enjoy a spectacular evening program “Taste the Jeans.” In this innovative format, participants followed the lifecycle of a jeans to experience sustainability solutions through all the senses. This included dancing performances, jeans trousers telling about their lives, food prepared by 4 different cooks, 3D printed cake and different new business models like for renting textiles instead of buying them.

If you would like to get a feeling for the event, watch the video on the CSCP website.

Last but not least, CSCP also launched #mylifestylepledge, a movement that is inspiring people worldwide to think about their way of life and take personal, concrete action toward leading a sustainable lifestyle. It is all about changing every day behaviours towards sustainability by experience. Pledges are coming nonstop from Europe, Latin America, Africa and beyond! Post your pledge with the hashtag #mylifestylepledge on Twitter or the CSCP Facebook page called mylifestylepledge, and don’t forget to challenge your friend, colleague, or why not, your mayor or the CEO of your favorite company to take a pledge as well!


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