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Translating and disseminating, coordinating and managing knowledge [WP7/8, yrs 1-4]

September 18, 2017|Our Work|

Throughout the course of INHERIT partners will, under the leadership of REVOLVE, communicate [...]

Developing a Policy and Investment Kit [WP6, yrs 3-4]

September 18, 2017|Our Work|

Starting in the final two years of the project, INHERIT partners will bring [...]

Implementing and assessing the impact of 15 pilot projects [WP4/5, yrs 2-4]

September 18, 2017|Our Work|

These inter-related work strands aim to investigate in further detail policies, practices and [...]

Looking ahead: Visioning and scenario planning [WP3, year 2]

September 18, 2017|Our Work|

This work involved the development of four different scenarios of what European societies [...]

Identifying promising practices and developing a database [WP2, year 1-2]

September 18, 2017|Our Work|

INHERIT partners reached out to communities and organisations across Europe to identify [...]

Idea #12 | Change the way you wash your car

August 15, 2017|stories|

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of washing your car? That [...]

Idea #11 | Healthstars

August 14, 2017|stories|

“One who does not invest in being healthy every day will need to sacrifice a huge amount of time on illness one day.” – Sebastian Kneipp […]

POWERSTEP: Redesigning the traditional system of wastewater treatment

July 12, 2017|Related Projects|

This revolutionary H2020 project is redesigning the traditional system of wastewater treatment. The project [...]

FLOW: Walking and Cycling

July 4, 2017|Related Projects|

FLOW’s mission is for walking and cycling within cities to become a user-friendly [...]

Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking

June 29, 2017|Related Projects|

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking is meant to produce a strong industrial sector [...]