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I.Family research challenges norms and governments

February 14, 2017|News|

I.Family project was created to explore how European youth develop dietary habits. The project [...]

Ideas #7 | Advancing the concept of travel competence

February 4, 2017|stories|

Travel competence is usually concerned with day-to-day travel. If people need to travel, [...]

Rolling-out Integrated Smart Cities and Communities’ Solutions

January 17, 2017|News|

Highlighting 200 examples of smart cities and communities’ solutions in Europe, the [...]

The Economic Value of Green Infrastructure

December 13, 2016|News|

Researchers have found a way to [...]

Cycling-Friendly Policies Provide Return on Investment

December 13, 2016|News|

Cycling-friendly policies are shown to have a [...]

Council Tackles Air Pollution

December 13, 2016|News|

On December 8th, Council adopted a new [...]

Name Change for PSG

December 13, 2016|News|

The Permanent Study Group on Food Security was re-named the “PSG on Sustainable [...]

Sustainability and Your Diet

December 13, 2016|News|

This study sought to answer the question of whether [...]

Breathing Life Back Into Our Cities

November 10, 2016|News|

BreatheLife is a campaign from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Climate & [...]

Science for Environment Policy

November 10, 2016|News|

Science for Environment Policy is a study published [...]