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Visit to Place Standard

Place Standard, Karposh, North Macedonia  (Photo: IJZRM) Written by Dragan Gjorgjev, National Institute of Public Health, North Macedonia (IJZRM) The Place Standard Tool (PST) was developed in Scotland as a simple framework [...]

BZgA Visits Eco Inclusion

Eco Inclusion, Pforzheim, Germany  (Photo: City of Pforzheim) Written by Nathalie Bélorgey Eco Inclusion is an initiative in the city of Pforzheim, Germany that raises awareness on responsible, environmental and health-friendly housing [...]

EuroHealthNet Visits “Sustainable Food in Public Schools”

Sustainable Food in Public Schools, Spain (Photo: EuroHealthNet) Written by Maria Romeo-Velilla The “Sustainable Food in Public Schools” Triple-win case study aims to ensure that children aged 0-3 attending public nursery [...]

UCL Visits Malvik Path and Meets Malvik Municipality

Malvik Path, Norway (Photo: Matluba Khan) Written by Matluba Khan and Kirsti Sarheim Anthun Malvik path is a Triple-win case study in Norway, situated just outside the city of Trondheim. It is a [...]