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Restructuring Green Space [The Netherlands]

In a Nutshell:

Restructuring Green Space includes two green space interventions in Dutch low-income urban neighbourhoods in the cities of Rotterdam and Breda. In both neighbourhoods, residents were involved in the design and restructuring of a green space to improve the quality of the neighbourhood and increase the use of the green space. INHERIT contributes by examining the restructuring of green space for health, environment and equity in Breda and will compare data from the completed intervention in Rotterdam. The objective is to gain insights into the impact of restructuring green spaces and how this affects the use of green space, the activities organized here, and possible benefits in health and well-being.


Creating green spaces will increase physical exercise, social contact, and relaxation for the overall physical and mental health of residents. In both low-income neighbourhoods in Rotterdam and Breda, green spaces encourage residents to engage more in the community thus improving health equity. And the outdoor activities will improve people’s connection with nature and the environment.

Key Features:                     

  • Green space in free public urban neighbourhoods.
  • Stakeholders & sectors: process manager, housing corporation, health services and professionals from the neighbourhood and municipality, policy-makers, school, residents’ and tenants organisations, sport coaches.