PROVE [Portugal]

In a Nutshell:

PROVE aims to create close links between consumers and producers of agricultural products, improve farmers’ business management, and facilitate small producers’ access to the market through an online platform that connects promoters, producers and consumers (G-PROVE). PROVE promotes the consumption of seasonal fruit and vegetables of good quality at an affordable price. It also seeks to benefit the environment through the implementation of more sustainable farming practices and waste management. The practice is located in Portugal and engages more than 140 farmers, thousands of consumers, and almost two dozen district promoters. Most of these short commercial circuits on fresh fruit and vegetables are concentrated in the Lisbon and Porto areas.


PROVE promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables for better health and empowers lower income farmers through collaborative participatory networks to improve overall living standards (health equity) while decreasing the price of more healthy, more seasonal and sustainable food by having them produced and sold locally. PROVE facilitates networks that link local producers and consumers thus lowering the impacts of transport on the environment.

Key Features:                     

  • Access/training to innovative business and commercial tools, plus training/monitoring of farming sustainable practices.
  • Network collaboration with other farmers and local agents (local promoters)
  • Consumers’ fidelity (typically PROVE consumers commit to weekly, bi-weekly baskets).
  • Stakeholders: local producers, local groups/promoters, non-profit organisations, city council and academics
  • Sectors: public sector (city council, department of farming, food policy, rural development), private businesses, non-profit organisations (ADREPES) farmers, citizens.