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Malvik Path [Norway]

In a Nutshell:

Malvik Path is a 3 kilometre-long seaside path in a rural district in central Norway, developed in partnership with local residents, the Malvik Municipality, and the National Railway Agency. Placed on an old railway track, Malvik Path connects two residential areas – the path is easily accessible and open to the public. Along the path, there are designated spots for picnics, fishing, playing and climbing. INHERIT helps looks at the type of activities the path stimulates with the public and evaluates environmental benefits resulting from people using more active modes of transport such as cycling and walking.


Malvik Path improves overall health by supporting active lifestyles and enhances health equity by allowing access to all residents from high and low income levels of society; and public awareness of the environment is promoted by encouraging residents to do activities without the car – no cars are allowed on Malvik Path!

Key Features:     

  • Malvik Path connects green areas and two residential areas along the seaside to be used for active travel from home to school/work.
  • Stakeholders: Malvik Municipality, local residents and residents in the larger area, especially people from lower income groups.
  • Sectors: Malvik Municipality, national government agencies, entrepreneurs from the private sector, voluntary groups and organisations.