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Gent en Garde: The STOEMP Initiative [Belgium]

In a Nutshell:

Gent en Garde is a food policy initiative in Flanders that aims to pave the way for a sustainable and healthy food system for the City of Ghent. The food policy entails several innovative, local, sustainable food activities, including STOEMP. INHERIT helps gain insight in how different policy domains (environment, health, social welfare) and sectors work together in relation to STOEMP’s objective of connecting and strengthening initiatives to make good, sustainable food available to everyone, in particular vulnerable groups.  This case study brings to light new evidence about the success factors of the STOEMP community in relation to health, sustainability and health equity that can push forward policy agendas.


Gent en Garde provides access to sustainable and healthy diets for better health and aims to reach all people of the City of Ghent, including the more vulnerable groups (health equity), while striving to reduce food waste and take action to implement more sustainable food production for the environment.

Key Features:                     

  • STOEMP is a network of existing ‘good food’ initiatives with the goal of making healthy, sustainable food accessible for everyone. ‘Good food’ = healthy, nutritious, local, with respect for environment, enough, tasteful and honest.
  • Stakeholders: Food council Ghent en Garde, City of Ghent administration, community health centres, education centres, non-profit organisations.
  • Sectors: Public and private sector