The winter cyclist

//The winter cyclist

The winter cyclist

The winter cyclist
Brief Description Every autumn/winter since 2010, Gävle in Sweden has run a campaign in order to make motorists become cyclists during the winter. The purpose is to show that cycling works as a mode of transport even in winter, and to make people contribute to improving public health and reducing pollution.

After applying for the campaign, suitable participants are selected and given instructions. The deal is to bike to and from work at least three days a week. The participants are given studded bike tyres, a bicycle saddle cover and a reflective vest for free. The participant give continuous feedback about the state of the bicycle tracks and report their trips in a mobile phone application.

Since the campaign started six years ago (6 campaigns so far), over 400 motorists have had the chance to become winter cyclists of which 83% still bikes at least once a week. An estimated 200 000 km of traveling by car was transferred to bike and about 35 tons of carbon dioxide was saved. Other effects were more efficient snow removal from bicycle tracks and a better dialogue with the citizens.

Image Winter Cyclist
European Country/Countries Sweden
Field Moving: Cycling
Type Intervention
Impact Health, Environmental sustainability
Status Completed
Target Group General population
Evaluation Yes
Level Local
INHERIT Perspective This project has the potential to improve health through increasing physical activity levels and decreasing exposure to air pollution and noise. It has the potential to contribute to global environmental sustainability by decreasing car traffic and hence, air pollution emissions and noise. It has a clear emphasis on changing behaviour and raise awareness. It may have an effect on vulnerable groups by creating less pressure to “afford” a car and hence, money saved. Since the project has interactive parts (meetings etc), it may lead to some form of improved integration/social engagement.
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