Ghent en garde – city of Ghent’s food policy

//Ghent en garde – city of Ghent’s food policy

Ghent en garde – city of Ghent’s food policy

Ghent en garde – city of Ghent’s food policy
Brief Description Ghent was the first city in Flanders to have developed a food policy, called Ghent en Garde, with 5 strategic goals that have been translated into 21 concrete operational goals.

Strategic goal no. 1: A shorter, more visible food chain
Strategic goal no. 2: More sustainable food production and consumption
Strategic goal no. 3: Create more social added value for food initiatives
Strategic goal no. 4: Reduce food waste
Strategic goal no. 5: Optimum reuse of food waste as raw materials

The goals are used in the quest to create a concrete sustainable food system. The current food policy in Ghent entails many innovative, local and sustainable food strategies to reach the abovementioned goals. In the booklet in attach, a detailed overview of the food policy is given. Some of the components of this food policy were already evaluated and created positive effects on health behaviours.

Image Gent en Garde
European Country(s) Belgium
Field Living/Green spaces: Urban (food) gardens, Consuming: Sustainable Production, Consuming: Healthy and Sustainable Consumption, Consuming: Healthy Consumption, Consuming: Recovery and redistribution of excess food
Type Policy
Impact Health, Equity, Environmental sustainability
Status Ongoing
Target Group General population, Low socio-economic status
Evaluation Yes
Level Regional
INHERIT Perspective Ghent en garde entails a food policy that is developed to create a sustainable food system in Ghent. This food policy entails many innovative, local and sustainable food strategies that focus both on changing 1) the BEHAVIOURS of all actors in the food system: namely consumers – including all socio-economic groups-, retailers, organisations such as school and workplace, and producers; and 2) the ENVIRONMENT (e.g., creating better access to local, healthy products – influencing EXPOSURE/EXPERIENCE). This policy has been included because it has proven to create a positive impact on health, equity and sustainability.
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