From neighbourhood to plate

//From neighbourhood to plate

From neighbourhood to plate


From neighbourhood to plate
Brief Description The project started from the perspective that everyone has the right to live in a green environment and to eat healthy foods. The project lasted two years and had the following goals:

– To provide accessible education on nature and environment for children (and their parents) from disadvantaged neighborhoods;
– To inspire the social welfare and environmental sector regarding education on nature and environment for children/families from disadvantaged neighborhoods;
– To increase the local living quality, among others via the creation of green space in disadvantaged neighborhoods;
– To encourage children/families with a low socio-economic status (SES) to produce/consume sustainable, healthy foods;
– To convince the (local) government about the need for participative projects focused on nature and environment.

Despite of the limited insight into the effectiveness, this practice might be promising in reaching and changing disadvantaged children and families their lifestyles and health, the physical environment (i.e., green space) as well as the social cohesion in the neighborhood.

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European Country/Countries Belgium
Field Living/Green spaces: Urban (food) gardens, Consuming: Healthy and Sustainable Consumption
Type Intervention
Impact Health, Equity, Environmental sustainability
Status Completed
Target Group Low socio-economic status, Children & adolescents
Evaluation No
Level Local
INHERIT Perspective The project has been included as a promising practice given its potential impact on health, equity and climate. The project focuses on providing education on nature and environment, improving the local living quality (i.e., more green space, more social cohesion), and encouraging the production and consumption of sustainable and health foods. The practice aims to reach and change the BEHAVIOR of disadvantaged children and their families, as well as to improve the PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT and EXPOSURE/EXPERIENCE for the disadvantaged.
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