Fiskesprell (Fish Wriggling) – encouraging seafood consumption (Norway)

//Fiskesprell (Fish Wriggling) – encouraging seafood consumption (Norway)

Fiskesprell (Fish Wriggling) – encouraging seafood consumption (Norway)

Fiskesprell (Fish Wriggling)  – encouraging seafood consumption (Norway)
Brief Description Fiskesprell, meaning fish wriggling, is a national diet program that aims to increase seafood consumption among children and adolescents. Together with staff in kindergartens and schools, Fiskesprell aims to make seafood a natural choice.

The objective of all activities in Fiskesprell is to enable children and young people to eat more seafood. This is done by motivating and inspiring adults who are responsible for the diets of children and adolescents and the youth themselves to prepare enjoyable seafood meals. Children and adolescents eat generally less seafood than recommended by health authorities, and as such do not benefit from the important health effects that seafood has. From a health standpoint, it will be beneficial if the consumption of fish and other seafood is increasing, especially among children and adolescents.

It is important to facilitate equal opportunities for all children and youth so that the program can help to reduce inequalities. All offers through Fiskesprell is free, making it more viable for socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, and is offered to kindergartens, schools, children, young people and parents across the country.

Most children in Norway attend kindergarten. As such, encouraging healthy eating habits in children at a young age can help form habits that will endure into adulthood. Fiskesprell courses for kindergarten and after-school employees are a contribution to the follow up on the Directorate of Health guidelines for food and meals in the kindergartens.

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European Country/Countries Norway
Field Consuming: Healthy and Sustainable Consumption, Consuming: Healthy Consumption, Consuming: Other
Type Intervention
Impact Health, Equity
Status Ongoing
Target Group Children & adolescents
Evaluation No
Level Local, Regional, National
INHERIT Perspective Fiskesprell is addressing behaviour change by focussing on consuming and dietary choices impacting health by teaching teachers (kindergartens and schools) and parents how to make healthy seafood meals. To eat fish is also considered more environmentally friendly and sustainable by giving a smaller climate footprint than the consumption of red meat
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Contact Contact person: Kari-Anne Johansen, leader of the Fish wriggling program, email:, telephone no: +47 45 06 55 00 Norwegian Seafood Council Stortorget 1 Box 6176 9291 Tromsø Ph: +47 77 60 33 33 E-mail:
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