Dinner is ready in 1-2-3 euros

//Dinner is ready in 1-2-3 euros

Dinner is ready in 1-2-3 euros

Dinner is ready in 1-2-3 euros
Brief Description The goal of this project is to support families with a low socio-economic status (SES) to cook a low-budget, balanced, sustainable and nice meal for their family.

The project includes two main components:

1) The provision of recipe booklets + the provision of free products + the guarantee of the prices during the intervention period

The intervention period started in March 2016 and ended in August 2016. During this period, recipe booklets with balanced, sustainable meals that cost 1, 2, or 3 euros for each person per meal per day were provided every 2 weeks (in total 10 booklets were provided to the participants). The prices for the ingredients were based on the prices for that specific period of the year (linked to the seasons). When there was an unforeseen fluctuation in the food prices, the supermarket guaranteed the fixed price for the low SES participants of the project via the Colruyt promotion/membership card. The recipes always included ingredients for three adult portions. Moreover, at the start and every 3rd month, some healthy food products were provided.

2) Social component: the organisation of workshops to bring parents together

Two types of workshops were organized: cooking workshops and supermarket visits. The supermarket visits were designed to increase awareness regarding shopping, such as training in the shop on reading food labels, deciding on portion sizes.

Based on the results of the test phase, the project appears to be promising to reach disadvantaged families. However, more research is still necessary to confirm this.

Image Dinner is ready in 123 euros
European Country(s) Belgium
Field Consuming: Healthy and Sustainable Consumption
Type Intervention
Impact Health, Equity, Environmental sustainability
Status Completed
Target Group Low socio-economic status, Families
Evaluation Yes
Level Local, Regional
INHERIT Perspective The ‘Dinner is ready in 1-2-3 euros’ project has been chosen for inclusion because of its potential impact on both health, equity and sustainability. The project aims to support low SES families to cook a low-budget, balanced, sustainable and nice mail for their family. The project comprises two intervention components: 1) a BEHAVIOURAL component including the provision of recipe booklets and provision of free food products, and 2) a SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTAL component including cooking and supermarket workshops with other parents.
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Contact Wim Verbesselt – Colruyt group – wim.verbesselt@colruytgroup.com Arnout Vercruyssen – Public Center for Social Welfare (OCMW) – arnout.vercruyssen@kortrijk.be
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