Cooperativa Terra Chã – rural sustainable development initiative

//Cooperativa Terra Chã – rural sustainable development initiative

Cooperativa Terra Chã – rural sustainable development initiative

Cooperativa Terra Chã – rural sustainable development initiative
Brief Description The Cooperativa Terra Chã emerged at a time when Portugal was experiencing the depopulation of the interior zones due to rural exodus and emigration. Based on the factors underlying this problem, they sought to create solutions that would make the village more appealing and capable of integrating the recent skilled workforce.

The scope of the project has increased to the point where it currently integrates catering, accommodation, rural tourism, training, production of various products, nature preservation and rehabilitation of the physical structures and spaces of the village. In 2015 this small village with about 120 inhabitants received around 7600 visitors, which proves the innovative character of this practice and its quality.

The focus on the more tourist slope is balanced by the investment in the villagers. The cooperative uses the village’s human resources, works hand in hand with local producers, as in the case of the restaurant where local agricultural production is used to make meals, and it seeks to preserve the village’s history and the biodiversity that surrounds it. In addition, by generating revenue – 400 000 euros of gross revenue in the last year – it is boosting the local economy, which is also beneficial to the inhabitants. In short, the practice belongs to the population.

This practice is well known in Brazil – it has a partnership with the Fundação Casa Grande at the level of community-based tourism – it has partnerships in Milan at the level of the solidarity economy, maintains links with Burgundy following the exchange programs, and a partnership with Catalonia at the level of cooperatives linked to ethical/solidarity finance and projects of solidarity inclusion of people with disabilities in agriculture.

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European Country/Countries Portugal
Field Consuming: Healthy and Sustainable Consumption
Type Intervention
Impact Health, Equity, Environmental sustainability
Status Ongoing
Target Group General population
Evaluation Yes
Level Local
INHERIT Perspective This project has been chosen for inclusion because of its role in promoting more sustainable forms of food production and consumption. Terra Chã encourage the consumption of products produced in the village, resulting in an increase of organic agriculture practices with environmental and health benefits. The practice contributes to the preservation of a protected natural area, with responsible agricultural and tourism practices. Also, it created work places and new income sources for the residents (in the created local services and in food production).
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Contact Cooperativa Terra Chã – Largo do Centro Cultural de Chãos, Chãos, 2040-018 Alcobertas, Portugal Tel.: 243 405 292 Email:
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