Prof. Tim Lang

Tim Lang is Professor of Food Policy and Director of the Centre for Food Policy, City University London where he teaches on its unique MSc and PhD food policy programmes. In the 1970s, he was a hill farmer in Lancashire, England. This inspired his work ever since on how policy tries (and fails) to ensure the food system delivers good and democratic health, environment, economy and culture. He been a member of many UK Government bodies (eg UK Council of Food Policy Advisors, 2008-10, Sustainable Development Commission 2006-11), and Parliamentary Committees (e.g. advisor to 4 Select Committee inquiries). He has researched and advised for the European Commission and Parliament, and various UN agencies (WHO, FAO, UNEP). He is co-author of Ecological Public Health (2012), Food Policy (2009), Atlas of Food (2008), Food Wars (2004) and Unmanageable Consumer (1996). He is working on a book on sustainable diets. He chairs the inter-university Food Research Collaboration of British academics and civil society working for a better food system.