Idea #10 | The exemplary Edge smart office building

  The Edge in Amsterdam is a leading example of a smart office building in Europe, demonstrating all the characteristics of being part of a smart system. The building uses 70% less electricity than [...]

Idea #9 | Build your own energy transition

I’d known for a while that I wanted a near zero-energy house, and in 2013 the opportunity came along to build one of my own. Though there were some restrictions that limited the options we [...]

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Idea #8 | It’s all about active living communities

The project analyses public places and travel patterns to school or work, for example, as well as walking and cycling routes, and daily or weekly routines to the supermarket or to extracurricular activities. User groups [...]

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Ideas #7 | Advancing the concept of travel competence

Travel competence is usually concerned with day-to-day travel. If people need to travel, they can consider alternative modes. However, before people can be expected to use the ‘other’ modes they have to know how to [...]

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Idea #6 | DOMINO – Play the Energy-Saving Game!

Did you know that within Europe, individual households consume almost 30% of the continent’s total energy expended? That's taking up a lot of (your) cash! By saving electricity at home you can have a real [...]

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Idea #5 | Rooftop Farming Counters Air Pollution

In Delhi, we can fight air pollution by introducing rooftop plantations all over the city. This will help us to create a fresh, pollution-free environment especially in over-polluted cities like the national capital of [...]